Doug James - DeSoto Physical Therapy

Doug James

DeSoto Physical Therapy

Doug James had an idea to open a physical therapy office in the Stonewall area in DeSoto Parish. At the time, there were no physical therapy clinics within 15 miles of Stonewall, so Stonewall residents would have to travel to either Shreveport or Mansfield to receive treatment. James wanted to bring something local but needed somebody to point him in the right direction on how to start a business. After contacting the U.S. Small Business Administration, James was referred to the Louisiana Small Business Development Center (LSBDC) at Northwestern State University, College of Nursing in Shreveport to get the help needed for starting a business.

The LSBDC assisted in many areas including start-up assistance and guidance, reviewing his business plan, developing cash flow projections, preparing his business occupational license, reviewing the lease agreement, and understanding the other various licenses/permits he would need to operate in Stonewall and DeSoto Parish.

With LSBDC’s help, he was able to fully develop his business plan, open DeSoto Physical Therapy in Stonewall, and secure $30,000 in capital for his business.

“I would not have had a business plan if I didn’t talk to them,” James said. “The LSBDC taught me things I would have never thought about, such as to how to enter into contracts and sign on behalf of my business.”

DeSoto Physical Therapy provides residents of the Stonewall community and surrounding areas occupational and speech therapy services, with future plans of assisting children with developmental delays.

Since opening, Doug has created one full-time job, but plans on hiring more employees in the future.