Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity

As a small business owner, it’s important to know there are business disaster resources to help you prepare for natural disasters and recover quickly. One of the first things we can help you do is prepare a business ready “Records-To-Go” box:

“Records-To-Go” boxes include important documents and supplies necessary for a business to continue after a disaster. Make sure the box is fire and waterproof. Some suggested records include:  

  • Business Continuity, Emergency Preparedness, and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Emergency contact list of employees and key customers
  • Insurance policies and agent information
  • List of suppliers and vendors
  • Back-up computer systems and data files
  • Bank records

Additional Resources to Help Businesses Stay Informed and Prepare:

  • Hurricane Preparedness Checklist - Agility Recovery, in partnership with the U.S. SBA, has developed the Hurricane Preparedness Checklist to help businesses prepare for a hurricane’s effect on your business, employees, and community by highlighting activities you should undertake before, during, and following the event.
  • Get a Gameplan - The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness provides a plan for business emergencies.

Research shows that approximately 40 percent of businesses that close following a disaster never reopen.

Protecting your business is a priority. Disasters of all types, whether man-made (cyber attack or data breach, loss of a key employee, road construction that displaces traffic, supply chain interruption, etc.) or a natural disaster (hurricane, flood, drought, freeze, etc.), can threaten businesses no matter where they are located. These interruptions can make it difficult for small businesses to keep the doors open. To improve your chances of staying in business, every business owner should have a plan in place.

We Help You Stay In Business

The LSBDC assists entrepreneurs with business continuity, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery plans. Our business consultants provide consulting at no cost and training events to help you minimize losses and increase survivability when affected by natural and man-made disasters. We help you develop a comprehensive business continuity, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery plan tailored for your business at no cost. The LSBDC also provides online and in-person business workshops on disaster preparedness, tips, and resources.